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We're two friends who met through our husbands (who are business partners). We're all mothers and we all love a great bargain. One night, we were talking about how much we love to shop the bargain sites, but it's hard to find a bargain site with cute, stylish baby clothing. Our husbands, who have deep relationships with overseas clothing manufacturers, suggested we do our own. So, we did! We reached out to several manufacturing facilities and hand selected our first products based on value, style and quality. It has been a lot of work and a lot fun (most of the time).

If you’re looking for something new, you’re in the right place. We strive to be industrious and innovative, offering our customers something they want, putting their desires at the top of our priority list. We're constantly adding new products so be sure to visit our store frequently. You can also join our email list (at the bottom of the home page) to stay up to date on new products and any upcoming promotions. 

The interests of our customers are always the top priority for us, so we hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them available to you.

Feel free to reach out at anytime. You can contact us via Facebook Messenger or email at