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Adjustable Anti Sucking Hand Device
Adjustable Anti Sucking Hand Device

Adjustable Anti Sucking Hand Device

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This item use is changed from ages.

As you see the manual, If the No.1 is small, 
I recommend that you use No.2

Each stage of the band to wear that can choose the size handy system.

Purchases, please make sure the size.

This product is usually 12 months, at age three to four available. 
However, products for the exact size of finger and the girth size of the child's finger .
Finger size of the hook of the product, has circumference of 15mm (0.59").

Non toxic, non harmful device made by silicone.
color : purple ,white , yellow
packge included : 1x Anti Sucking Hand Device + pouch 


Please refer to the follwing.

1. please be care so that your child can't take this item off oneself or remove the item.
2. If your child doesn't want to use the item, I advise that you put the item on your child during sleep.
3. To revise your child's habits, Both mom and child should make an effort.
4. This item should be managed under the guardian's direction and If your child use this item for a long time, your child's hands can become red or get a blister. Please pay attention the symptom.
5. I advise that you disinfect the item in boiling water in 30 seconds.