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Baby Nasal Aspirator
Baby Nasal Aspirator
Baby Nasal Aspirator
Baby Nasal Aspirator

Baby Nasal Aspirator

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About the Product:
  • SAFE AND RELIABLE: The FDA approved electric nasal aspirator generates enough suction to remove stubborn mucus while not harming your baby's delicate sinuses. Two exchangeable nozzle sizes, molded of soft silicone, will always fit your baby's nose comfortably.
  • EASY TO USE: The electric snot sucker is lightweight and compact design fits in the palm of your hand, and is controlled by the simple push of a button allowing for one handed use.
  • EFFECTIVE SUCTION: Featuring a quality motor and pump components, this nasal aspirator will remove your baby's mucus so your baby can breathe easier and sleep longer.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Waterproof construction allows for heavy rinsing without damaging electronic components, while the internal silicone mucus collection cup and nozzle can be removed and boiled for sterilization.
  • MAXIMUM PURCHASE VALUE: The package generously offers a bonus baby nail clipper with magnifier, composed of the finest quality stainless steel blades and a fold away 4x magnifier, featuring soft comfort sure grip for ease of use and precision sharpened blades for premium performance.


1.Please use the gourd-type silicone tip for newborn baby,As the funnel-type tip will get into deeper,which is suitable for children to use,please choose to use according your needs.
2.During the process of use,the tip should be close to the nose and do not leave gap.then the outside air can not come into the nose to form a low pressure,which is easier to suck out the mucus
3.Please do the softening before absorbing hard booger or sticky mucus,it’s recommended to apply a hot towel to baby’s nose,or drop the saline.
4.Please pay attention to the mucus storage tank at any time during the process of use,if the mucus is too much,there may be part of the mucus spilling into the suction port of the main body,then pls shut down in time to clean.it’s suggested to dry the mucus on the suction port with cotton swabs.if the suction port has absored too much mucus,please throw the water out or blow dry with a hair dryer.Or it may affect the normal use or even burn the motherboard.
5.After use,please remove the work tank out first and then clean.please do not clean with water under the state of power-on. The body is not waterproof.while silicone tip can be put in boiling water to disinfect.

Package include:
1 x Nasal Aspirator
1 x funnel-type tip
1 x gourd-type tip
1 x Nose Clip
1 x Storage box